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We're Building Our Dreams Together.

We are a community of like–minded entrepreneurs who exchange ideas, share knowledge and encourage our individual goals to elevate ourselves in our industries.

Encouraging, Elevating &
Establishing Entrepreneurs.

Our creative community comes together to solve problems, learn from each other, encourage and network with each other to grow our passions, talents and dreams. Whether you’re just starting a business, changing your approach, scaling or want to lend your skillset, our doors are always open for you to participate. Our goal is to deliver an environment where you will be comfortable to grow, network and learn.  

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We ShareInformation.


We Share Inspiration.


We Share Ideas.

What Our Members Are Saying

Nicole and I began sharing our hearts with each other. We’re both starters, not so much as finishers. We decided to meet once a week, I was thinking once a month. Weekly meetings were to see where the other is progressing.  I look forward to Friday. I highly recommend the group, we bounce ideas off each other. Nicole encourages us, she has a gift of sharing tidbits to benefit our business.  I like the fellowship amongst all of us. We’re in different parts of the world.  I’ve been working on my Blog website for a year (smh). Nicole called me and inquired about it. She said, our year of meeting is in a few days, where are you in the process? That really spurred me to get my blog up and running in 3 days. Nicole, thanks for starting Business Minds Collaborative, luv ya



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LESH is purposed clothing! Its intent is to challenge you to think beyond yourself and consider others. LESH is committed to supporting worthy causes and to engaging world citizens in joining LESH on this journey.

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