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You Have to Be Intentional

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

I am one who is known to fly by the seat of my pants. I don’t need to know everything about a topic before I know how I’ll like to make my move and often times the decisions I make seem illogical to those outside of my body. I get strong gut feelings and I go with those feelings. My intuition is usually a good guide and hasn’t let me down too often. If I could live life by just going with the flow, I probably would. However, that wouldn’t give me the optimal position for success. Intentionality has to become a way of life, especially on this entrepreneurial journey.

Being intentional is like being a general in the army (which I know nothing about lol). My understanding is that generals are master strategists. Generals plan the operation of the soldiers so they can be effective in battle. A general must anticipate and plan for every possible situation that may be encountered on the field. Of course, there are somethings that will not be foreseen and adjustments may have to be made accordingly.

You are the general of your brand. You must strategically plan for the outcomes you’d like to see in your business. Your actions will dictate your outcomes. Make your actions meaningful so that they will be effective. Don’t just do for the sake of doing, do with intent. Busy work only keeps you busy. Better than keeping face of “busy,” is being busy with the intent of yielding an outcome. In other words, everything that you do should be working towards meeting a small goal that eventually, completes your vision.

Often, we find ourselves just doing because we see others doing. We jump on the band wagon and before you know it you are busy doing all of these things. Before you get on any wagon, make sure it’s going your way. Make sure it is going to benefit your vision. If it’s not, don’t get on and if you are on, get off that band wagon quickly. Take the time to see what is going to work for what you want to accomplish. If you see how the next trending sound on Instagram will work in your favor, by all means go for it. I’m not saying that you can’t have fun or be random. I’m very random, but even in my randomness, there is intent. I am saying that you are the general of your brand.

Be the master strategist for your business. Think through what you want your outcomes to be and the best ways to meet those goals. Once you done that, execute the plans you’ve put in place. Will you need to adjust from time to time? Yes, you will. Your ability to do that is what will make you amazing. Not every plan will go your way. That’s okay, you live to learn. You will learn from your successes and from your need improvements (I don’t want to call them failures because you’ll improve them and be successful). This is a journey that you came on to be successful. Make it the best. Fill it with intent. Be intentional!

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