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Our Story

Business Minds Collaborative Inc. was established out of a need for accountability and encouragement. A friend and I concluded that we were great starters and horrible finishers after a little chat. She had been traveling and gaining inspiration that she would write about regularly. She had a heart’s desire to share these experiences through blogging. I was a card maker who wanted to share my crafty creations with whosoever would have me. I produced much product that just sat there. We decided to be each other’s support.


I created a format for our weekly accountability zoom meetings that allowed us to practice setting and achieving small goals within our meeting time. We learned and we grew goal by goal, step by step. Not only did we expand our idea, but we built a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.


In our community you are encouraged to develop your idea and build your dream as an entrepreneur. You are elevated in your thinking, presentation and skill. We aspire to see you established with a good foundation to set your business on the road to success.


So back to that story I started at the beginning. My friend was able to set up her website and post her first blog and I set up my shop and my cards started making it into people’s homes. We both accomplished these milestones within our first year of meeting.  Business Minds Collaborative Inc. is so excited to help you get started on the right track!

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We inspire success through provided support and discussion that will create established entrepreneurs


To be the best community builder for entrepreneurs to thrive globally



the confidence to represent who you are regardless of what people think


the ability to bring your unique gifts to an idea


being better than you were the day before

Join Our Community

Get exposure, build a network, get more sales with a community that supports and encourages you.

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Our Featured Members

A Selection of members who are thriving though the Business Minds Collaborative Inc. network.

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