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Beginning to Identify Your Market

Beginning to Identify Your Market

There are so many ways in which you can bring your product to market. When I say market, I mean the people who are interested in what you have to offer. I know, what you have is for the world, everyone needs it. Nope, not true. Truth is, most people won’t even want what you have to offer and that is ok. Know that the world is a large enough table for everyone to sit and dine and you only need those who want to eat with you. So, who are those people?

If you’ve already begun to sell your product, you have the beginning of a market that you can grow. Something that you had or did, made them come to you. Why did they choose to patronize your business? What do these customers like about what you provided them and what’s going to keep them coming back for more? As a business owner, you are a researcher. A big part of your job is understanding your clients. Use the clients that you already have to help you understand what your ideal client would like. Listen to their desires and respond. You have a unique opportunity to pick your customers brains, to learn from them and improve what you offer to them. I’m not saying to change everything based on what you hear, but I am saying that learning what they want can help you build a client base that keeps returning to you as you continue to build on the things that they like and are drawn to.

There are a few things you can do to allow your customer base to help you. Create a brief questionnaire that you send out in their packaging. You can add a thank you note with a discount off the next purchase as an incentive to start to get their input and gather information. Use this information to help you understand who your ideal client is. Understanding this person will help you to create offers, products or services that will continue to attract them and others like them.

Have a rating system. Whether it is on your website at check-out or a follow-up email that is sent when you know that your product or service has been received, allowing your customer to give you feedback lets them know that you care not only about a sale, but them. Customers will be very honest and will let you know vital information about how you can improve or stay the same. Be prepared to take the good, the bad and possibly pivot to be the best you can be for your market.

Another way to help you discover who wants be a part of your market is to share your philosophy around the service or product that you want them to desire. Why are you passionate about the topic? What have you learned about the topic? How does this impact your life and the world? Those who are in agreement with your philosophy are your market. You’ll know because they may comment on, like or share the content that you put out with others. How can you make this topic be desirable to others? Your philosophy gives your market a window into your thoughts and provides space for authentic connection. Connections create community and support. This may translate into support for your brand. Know who you are, what you represent and tell the world! Those who receive it are apart of your market.

If you are just starting out with no sales, then you need to create for those you want to attract. Know your product and know it well. Then think of who you want to serve. This is a hypothetical client that is so real you could pass him or her when you are on your way to work. Where would this person live? What are their hobbies, age bracket? Do they use social media? What groups on social media would they hang out in? What about your brand will they desire?

Your work is two-fold. After you know all about your ideal client and have created that person. You need to make sure that everything in your brand development is going to draw them in. Your brand identity has to speak their language and pull at those heart strings. It has to pique their curiosity and cause them to want to find out more. When you’ve pulled that all together, go find your ideal client. Hang out in chats on social media where they would be. Comment on there feeds got to know them and allow them to get to know you without selling them a thing. Your ability to understand who your ideal client is will to help you deliver a philosophy, content and ads to attract them. When the time is right, you’ll have the opportunity to make them apart of your market.

Knowing who your market is, is key to serving them. It’s going to take research, time and maybe some money. If you commit to finding who wants to dine at your table, you may gain the market that the clients base to carry you for a long time.

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