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Behave Like A Champion

Since I made the determination that I want to be the champion of my business, I realized that there are things that need to be put in place. I can no longer take the occasional stabs at what may bring me a temporary feeling of success and delight. I need to put in the work to become the champion long before it actualizes. That means doing the hard uncomfortable things that take me out of my comfort zone. It means being stretched into uncomfortable positions and landing in not so cushy places at times. Being a champion is glamorously rewarding, but before the glitter comes, there is challenge and change.

What are champion behaviors and why are they important to hone in on? Of course, I’ll answer this in reverse. The mindset of a champion is one of growth. It understands that failure is not the option, but it offers opportunity for improvement. It acknowledges that the road to actualizing the dream needs many reps to strengthen the mind, the will and the body. The fortitude implemented, lets one know that they are here for the journey.

 So I mentioned mind, will and body. We’ll look at behaviors from those standpoints.  I can’t help but to reference my favorite book here. Romans 12:2 says be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable, perfect, will of God. When I think of an athlete, a championship athlete, this totally applies to them. At no point do they conform to what others say about them. They go above and beyond to surpass labels and limitations. They continually renew their minds with new information to maintain and develop what God has given them. They are ever learning. As the saying goes, still waters run dry. We want to keep the information station fluid to remain current and present in our field of calling. The mind is two-fold. It needs to be confirmed and it needs to be sustained. The confirmation is you acknowledging the hope that resides and fostering it through affirmations and activities that encourages growth. The sustaining is the maintenance and upgrades that you bring to keep developing and growing.

Will is your desire to. You either will or you won’t. We are given the freedom of choice in every area of life. The actions taken by us are based on our will.  Your will is your determination to see your desired outcomes actualized. Once we have decided to activate our will, it is followed by action. The next steps are calculated and intentionally planned to move you in the direction of meeting your dream. This is done with the understanding that things will be adjusted, all things won’t go according to plan but we are ready to learn and continue on the journey. There isn’t a champion who does not go the distance to ensure that their vision become reality. They put in the reps, the change camps if needed. They are keen on how their actions are impacting their results. Likewise, we should be regularly assessing what we are doing and how it is helping us progress on our journey.  As long as you are willing, nothing can stand in your way.

Last is the body. We have to condition and prime these bodies for success. Champions put their bodies through the ringer, but the also fuel it correctly and give it time to recover. Though we may not do the physical activities of the typical champion the ware and tear for overextending, lack of rest, and improper nourishment can be more damaging. We need to set schedules to treat our bodies right. Make sure you are moving and exercising. Find time to relax your body. Feed it the foods that help you thrive. No champ exists without their body. You need yours at its best to do what God has given you to do. Remember, champions aren’t born, they are made. It’s up to you to behave like a champion. Identify those behaviors that you need to be the champion where God has placed you and implement them.

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