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Developing Your Avatar

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

You’ve developed the perfect product that you want to take to market. Most often, you go to your family and friends and say, “Hey, this is what I’ve created what do you think, would you use it?” If you are fortunate, you have a really supportive tribe who encourages you and you get your first customers. You are super excited because you know you got this. You have the birth of a business! As grateful as you are for them, you quickly realize that your business will not be sustained on the loving support of those who care about you. You have to grow. You need step out of our comfort zone and meet the people who will use your business. Who are these people and where do you find them? Creating an avatar will be key to helping you understand who these people are and where to locate them.

An avatar is a persona that you create. It represents the ideal person who you would want to purchase your product or service. You are developing a profile that will allow you to get a picture of who your market will be. You will think about every aspect of persona’s life, habits and routines from morning to night. The purpose of your avatar is to help you understand who you are talking to when you are marketing your products or services. Knowing your avatar will help you make decisions about how you create marketing campaigns because you’ll understand what your persona is attracted to.

There is a pre-requisite to creating your avatar. First you have to be clear on the product or service that you have and its purpose. What problem does it solve? How will my product be used? How does it improve the quality of life for its user? You have to identify all of the benefits of what you have to offer. Once you’ve done this, you can now think about who your avatar is.

The avatar that you have created is going to help you to zone in on your target market. Now that you’ve established who this person is you can think about finding real people to that fit the bill. What social media platforms would they most likely be on? What groups would they be a part of? What events would they attend. Join those platforms and groups be visible and participate in there. Do show yourself friendly and reach out to prospects. Invite them into your world and let them learn about who you are.

Your avatar may change as you develop new products for different purposes and that’s ok. Continue to grow and create for the market that you have established and those that you’d like to attract. Use your avatar to inform your marketing decisions and product development as you build a sustainable business. Know that you are a bit more informed about an avatar, go make you one!

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