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How To Clearly Identify Your Brand

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Alright, so I know how it goes for a lot of us entrepreneurs when we are starting out. We create a product or provide a service that some of the people around us tell us we should turn into a business, we give it some thought and we go for it. OR we develop product that we know will meet some need, we feel it’s ready, then we go for it. Whichever you did, at some point along the line, you knew you needed a name for the business, maybe a logo and a splash of color for fun. Did you ever consider how the selections that you have made relate to what you are offering and how it is influencing those to whom you are making the offer?

Think of your favorite ice cream shop or a true candy store, not the bodega. Such companies usually incorporate bright playful colors that are reminiscent your childhood. You begin to think of your happy place as a child and suddenly you want Lemonheads or an ice cream cone. There is a reason why most of these companies aren’t branded in black and white. This combination may work for a company that wants to exude sophistication and elegance but it doesn’t appeal to the senses that get you desiring a sweet treat. It does not scream fun and happy.

The people that are chosen to work in ice cream shops and candy stores are usually energetic, youthful and inviting. They are trained to communicate with customers in a friendly, professional manner that is relevant to the experience the company wants to provide to its customers. Imagine walking into an ice cream shop, with all of its bright colors, and seeing the staff resembling hotel concierge. That would be a total disconnect and would impact your experience as you wonder why they are in the ice cream shop. The brand should be reflected from your business card to you customer service.

Branding your company should not be rushed. It should be given much thought and intentionally planned. Here are some things to consider when thinking about developing your brand.

Strategy Here is where you take time to make sure you know your company.

  1. What is your vision for your company?

  2. What is your mission statement?

  3. What experience do you want your customer to have when using your product or service?

  4. What is the message you want to convey to your customer?

  5. What is your brand persona? Turn it into a person. What would it look like? How would it feel (think texture)? What would it taste like? How would it sound? What would it smell like? Once you’ve answered these questions, describe it. My brand is a person that is _________________________, who enjoys _____________________ while ____________________________.

  6. Describe the person that would hang out with your brand. This maybe your ideal client.

Identity Here is where you choose elements that will represent your company visually

  1. What colors help to represent the message and feeling of your company? Search the meaning of colors.

  2. Are there any patterns or images you’d like to use?

  3. Do you have a logo?

  4. What font will you use?

Whatever you design here will be used on your business card, stationary, website, social media and packaging. You can create a mood board to help you begin to get a visual of how your brand is coming together. If you are using a graphic designer, you mood board will be a guide to help them understand and portray what you want to convey to your customers

When you create your brand, it is very important to know what you want your brand to represent. You should know what emotional strings you want to tug at when your customer sees you online or when they walk past your brick and mortar. There should be a clear message of your company’s essence that is reflected throughout your company. You’ll know you hit the mark when your customers are speaking your language!

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